U6-U9 Development Academy

Nurturing Skills, Cultivating Passion

At Lakota FC, we are dedicated to fostering the holistic development of our budding soccer enthusiasts, ranging from ages 5 to 7, through a comprehensive academy-style program. Our approach goes beyond mere gameplay, as we strive to imbue young players with the fundamental techniques and a genuine passion for soccer, laying a robust foundation for their future endeavors.

Program Structure: Building Foundations Through Fun

  • Age Group Focus: Tailored for ages 5 to 7, our program ensures that players embark on their soccer journey during their formative years.

  • Academy-Style Learning: Through an innovative curriculum, we prioritize fun-filled learning, making early soccer education an enjoyable experience for our young participants.

Training Excellence: Crafting Skills Twice a Week

  • Expert Guidance: Our players benefit from dedicated trainers who provide guidance and instruction during twice-weekly training sessions.

  • League Participation: Engaging in competitive play, our players showcase their skills in either the Greater Cincinnati Developmental League (GCDL) or the Elite Players League (EPL), ensuring a dynamic and challenging environment.

Club Philosophy: Putting Players First, Embracing Diversity

  • Player-First Approach: At Lakota FC, we uphold a Player First philosophy, prioritizing the individual growth and well-being of each participant.

  • Diversified Athletic Experience: We recognize the value of a diversified athletic journey, emphasizing the importance of well-rounded development beyond soccer.

Educational Goal: Technique Mastery and Love for the Game

  • Technical Proficiency: Our primary objective is to instill proper soccer techniques, nurturing players with the skills essential for a successful soccer career.

  • Passion Cultivation: Beyond skills, we aim to cultivate a deep love for the game, fostering a lifelong connection to soccer for our young talents.

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